5 Reasons why you should use microwave cookers to cook your meals

Many of us have to lead increasingly busy lives, which do not allow us to spend much time in the kitchen. It has become more and more difficult for families across the globe to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. However, have you ever thought about using a microwave cooker to cook healthy recipes, easily and quickly?

Time Efficient

With a microwave cooker, you no longer need to wait for your oven to preheat, your pots to pressurize or your meat to thaw, all you need to do is prep and season your food to taste, place it in the cooker and zap away. The microwaves vibrate the water molecules about a million times in a second. This results in the fast cooking.

Easy to clean

This is a very useful advantage of using a microwave and a microwave cooker. The microwave only makes the food hot but not the utensils, so there is no annoying sticking that is very prominent in oven cooking. The microwave itself is very easy to clean because of the smooth finish inside the microwave. It only requires a damp towel to wipe off the spills if you find any.

Helps in defrosting

Defrosting is one of many drawbacks when using an oven, on the other hand a microwave cooker is able to cook the frozen food within a short amount of time without losing the foods original taste.

Budget Effective

Using a microwave on a daily basis instead of other kitchen accessories is way more budget friendly. It consumes a lot less energy compared to ovens, only using 600-1200watts.

No changes in the taste

The microwave cooker is a very fast cooking method; this prevents burns on the food and is able to retain the flavours and nutrition in the meal.



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