Pit multiple cherries with our

innovative cherry pitter.

We wanted to make eating cherries painless. Whether making a pie or snacking, we found the process of pitting single cherries tiresome. Our cherry pitter was a clean, quick and fun way to make cherry pitting better.

Place Cherries

Place your cherries in the slots in any direction. Then, cover with the transparent splatter guard.

Push Pitter

Carefully push down the pitter until it goes all the way through. Then, lift up the pitter to easily release your seed-free cherries!

Empty Catch Chamber

Open up the catch chamber (70 seed capacity) by removing the non-skid base.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 6.5″ Dia. x 4.75″

Material: Plastic / Silicone

Use and Care

Food Safe

BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe

Whether you are a chef or never cooked in your life before, Kitalma’s products will make your cooking experience easy. At Kitalma, we are driven by creating kitchen products that will be the centre of your Kitchen, and in doing so, bring everyone together.

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