Poach, steam, roast and cook

food in minutes.

Faced with an increasingly fast paced world, we realized that there was a need for a quicker way of cooking healthy meals that the whole family will love. The Kitalma Microwave Cooker was our answer.

Wide Variety of Cooking

Depending on what you are cooking and how you would like it prepared, there are several different options for steaming, roasting, poaching, baking, or just plane cooking anything your heart desires.

Limitless Meat Combinations

If you are somebody who appreciates speed, efficiency, and convenience, the Kitalma Microwave Multi Cooker is the ultimate tool for all your cooking needs.

Use & Care Instructions

BPA Free, 100% food safe, and built to be used exclusively and safely in the microwave! DO NOT use in a traditional oven.

Product Specifications

Deep Casserole Capacity : 3L / 3.17QT

Low Casserole Capacity : 1.5L / 1.58QT

Material : Polypropylene and Silicone

Product Dimensions : 11.89″ x 7.95″ x 8.13″

Use and Care

Microwave Safe

BPA Free

Freezer Safe

Dishwasher Safe Top Rack

Food Safe

Do Not Use In Oven

Whether you are a chef or never cooked in your life before, Kitalma’s products will make your cooking experience easy. At Kitalma, we are driven by creating kitchen products that will be the centre of your Kitchen, and in doing so, bring everyone together.

Get the most out of your Microwave Multi-Cooker with our Free Recipe Book.