The Snack Pot keeps your hunger

at bay all day.

We always found when packing school or work snacks we could never find the right container. The Snack Pot was our solution with its portable storable and airtight features eliminating the need to carry multiple containers to fulfil our daily cravings.

Cleverly Designed

This cleverly designed lightweight snack pot has 2 sections for snacks and another compartment for dips!

On-the-Go Snacking

Our in-built dip/sauce compartment is perfect to help level up your veggies & snacks. Don't worry, our airtight design ensures you have a spill-free snack on-the-go!

Portable & Storable

The space saving design makes it the perfect size to fit into your bag for any occasion.

Product Specifications

Material: Plastic / SIlicone

Product Dimensions: 2.95″ x 8.56″

Use and Care

Food Safe

BPA Free

Freezer Safe

Dishwasher Safe Top Rack

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